‘Puer aeternus’: Peter pan syndrome

HOOK After recently watching legendary Steven Spielberg film ‘HOOK’  I felt compelled by the meaning behind the mythos. Essentially Pan is a misfit-like teenage warrior who rebels against adult pirates in a fictional paradise known as ‘Neverland’. The cornerstone of his legend is he leader of lost boys who all refuses to GROW UP!  From… Continue reading ‘Puer aeternus’: Peter pan syndrome

Chronic self-blame & forgiving abusers too rapidly

Introduction + resources to check out  After recently reading Pete Walkers book titled ‘The tao of fully feeling: harvesting forgiveness out of blame’ it really triggered my fascination between the dynamics of ‘healthy blame’ & its opposite by definition ‘healthy forgiveness’. Pete Walker is a masterful author in discussing practical & informative knowledge on c-ptsd… Continue reading Chronic self-blame & forgiving abusers too rapidly