C-ptsd was a unnamable monster in my life for a very long period of time. From 2013 onwards (particularly from the beginning of January 2017) I have taken my recovery from its effects seriously and have seen a massive improvement in my emotional health. Though process for all c-ptsd survivors is a lifelong journey of day by day healing & self-discovery.

The core primal wounds of childhood induced by dysfunctional parenting or more specifically when a child is been raised in a ‘low-nurturance family’ of origin, this will lead the child to failing fundamental development tasks and will set a child up to have very poor mental poor which can manifest in low self-esteem, toxic shame, social phobia, depression, substance addictions, obsessive compulsive tendencies, ¬†eating disorders, body dysmorphia, self-hatred, chronic self-blame, total self-abandonment (codependency) and distorted forms of attachment styles which lead to highly destructive one way friendships & ‘pseudo intimate’ toxic relationships.

The combination of self-destructiveness (often used paradoxically cope with the pain of c-ptsd) & ongoing toxic relationships further make the aftermath of healing complex childhood trauma extremely difficult & most don’t even know they have these issues and chronically blame themselves thinking they are flawed & defective… Where in reality due to low-nurturance parenting & poor modelling of intimacy, boundaries (healthy forms of self-protection) etc is which lead them to treat themselves with the same poor self-care…

C-ptsd is vortex that just replicates on itself if unresolved.. Due to the seriousness of its symptoms & seeing the benefits from my ongoing recovery work, I want to use this site to raise the level of consciousness on the topic through providing valuable information on c-ptsd and practical tools which can be used for ongoing effective recovery. In addition to information and tools on healing work involved in c-ptsd I want to also provide the other half of the equation which is information on holistic social dynamics. Compared to traditional shock trauma & traditional ptsd, C-PTSD primarily effects you on an interpersonal level aka socially. The combination of recovering both self-esteem and social dynamics used to enhance your relationships you gain better overall relationship with your life and most importantly, yourself.